Trimmers By Mary Ann

The Story of Trimmers®

A Trimmer® is an original handcrafted wooden ornament designed to be personalized to the customer's requirements. Each Trimmer® ornament is painstakingly designed, painted and assembled at the artist's studio in her home.

After years of attending craft shows in Ohio and Michigan with a variety of different crafts, Mary Ann Sanders, an Ohio native, settled on the art of making and selling her handcrafted wooden Christmas tree ornaments in 1986. The quality of her ornaments and the ready acceptance of her work by customers have led to a steadily growing business.

Each Trimmer® ornament is an individual work of art with not two of any design being exactly the same. The idea for an individual design is first captured in the artist's imagination before being committed to paper. From the original concept, the ornament is revised and refined as to size, color and accessories. Once the design has been finalized, a sample is constructed in the workshop. The sample is thoroughly scrutinized before it is given the artist's final approval and then copyrighted.

A pattern is made of the ornament and all attending parts before being cut from selected pine or birch plywood. Once cut, each part is sanded and given a minimum of two coats of base paint on all sides and edges.

All detail painting is accomplished exclusively by the artist. For this reason, only a fixed number of ornaments can be made in any given year. Once all the parts have been painted, each Trimmer® is then assembled to insure the customer receives many years of enjoyment from their investment in a Trimmer® ornament.

Thousands of Christmas trees throughout the country proudly display Trimmer® ornaments, in many cases, more than one. All Trimmer® ornaments are designed to be personalized for an individual and thus, become family heirlooms.

The commitment to quality and the meticulous attention of detail is what elevates a Trimmer® ornament from just another craft item to an individual work of art.