Trimmers By Mary Ann

Policy Statements

Returns: The business of TRIMMERS is providing personalized ornaments to its customers. Once an ornament has been personalized, it is not returnable to TRIMMERS. All sales are considered final. Incorrect or inaccurate personalization is considered a correctable error and the ornament will be allowed to be returned for correction of the personalization only.

Personalization: For purposes of definition, personalization of an ornament is defined as painting one name and appropriate date on an ornament. Some ornaments are designed and displayed as having more than one name in their design. Those types of ornament can be personalized as designated in their original design. TRIMMERS reserves the right to apply additional charges for customer requests to affix more personalization than that intended in the ornaments design or, in the above stated definition. TRIMMERS additionally reserves the right to charge for painting on the reverse side of the ornament.

Customization: Trimmers ornaments are priced for sale as presented. TRIMMERS reserves the right to assess additional charges for customer requests to change the color schemes of an ornament. Such charges shall be identified to the customer and agreed to by the customer before the ornaments original design is altered.